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SCS Motorcycle Bluetooth Intercom , To make your ride enjoyable
Time:2016/12/6 14:27:28

SCS Motorcycle Bluetooth Intercom , To make your ride enjoyable

                                    ---- HK Riders Test

The weather in HK during November was raining all the time , temperature went down makes people upsets . For god’s bless , it’s sunny on November 27th , our friend HK riders team got a opportunity to test S-1 group mode outdoor .

With discussion with Tom Loi , we offer S-1 helmet intercom , he help us to organized riders to test S-1 group mode between 4-6 riders under urban roads and highway etc . Brand new exterior and multi functions makes riders excited and wanna try asap .

Before the ride , everyone check the instructions carefully , to learn the S-1’s functions and installation method .

It’s really cool after S-1 installed !

Riders “Armed” , ready to Go!

Let’s Go !

Urban road riding , nice and cool!

Mountain road , riders’ enthusiasm in such quiet place also great !

Highway with speed and passion !

Test finished , let’s get some food !

The feedback of S-1 test under different road situations from HK riders are makes us surprised . As Ian Hay said S-1 is very easy to installed on helmet , its high quality sound and noise reduction is amazing even under high speed . Disconnect also happens during the test , but S-1 reconnect automatically in very short time . The real distance range can reach to 500 meters as we showed in the advertisement makes Robin Yuen impressed , also with the quality of intercom sound , he think S-1 is a necessary equipment for those who love riding motorcycle . The thickness of our speaker let Deric think the design is even better than SENA 10R . For Nicola , he cares more about the battery and use time , as he likes riding long time outdoor . He told us he start use S-1 actually before the test 5 days ago , and after test , he found S-1 still got 50% power , it’s shocked him . With no doubt S-1 grantees his enjoyable riding .

    Thanks so much for HK riders team helped us with such successful test , and I believe we can offer more high quality communication equipment in the very near future ! SCS motorcycle bluetooth intercom , always to make you ride enjoyable !


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